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Grow Green Globe Artichoke seeds 100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO

Green Globe Artichoke Seeds
100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO

Artichoke Seed Planting & Spacing Guide

Depth to Plant 
Spacing Between Plants
Days to Germinate (Sprout)
Soil Temp

Planting Season
Plant Height
No. of Plants per sq. ft.
0.25 inches deep 2 - 4 feet apart 7 - 21 days 70F to 80F Early spring 3 ft. - 5 ft. 5 ft. - 6 ft. 1 plant requires appx. 9 sq. ft.

  • Latin Name | Cynara Scolymus
  • Grow Zones | 7+
  • Days to Maturity | 85-120 days
  • Hardiness Temp |  65- 80 degrees F
  • Plant Size | Appx. 3-4 ft. Tall, Appx. 4 ft. wide
  • Light Requirements |  Full Sun
  • Sowing Method | Direct sow / Start indoors approximately 7-8 weeks before last frost
  • Season | Early Spring
  • Click here for complete Artichoke grow guide

    • Health Benefits of Artichokes

      Artichoke flower heads are packed with antioxidants!  Most of the good stuff is located within the pulp of the leaves, but you can also reap the health benefits of this plant if you eat the leaves or stems once dried.

      Want to reduce your cholesterol or improve digestion?  Maybe have better gut bacteria?  Eating more artichokes might be for you!  It also helps with other gut/digestion problems like IBS.  

      Grow Green Globe Artichoke seeds 100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO


      Ways to Eat Artichokes

      Artichokes can be eaten in so many fun ways.  Most of us have eaten them by removing the leaves one by one and dipping them in a homemade sauce, butter, vinegar or mayonnaise dip. Lemon juice can be spritzed on them for a light "summery" treat.  Don't stop at the leaves though, once you remove the inedible choke by peeling it away from the base you can eat the heart of the artichoke.   Everyone loves artichoke dip! 

      The Green Globe Artichoke produces large heads from an edible bud with numerous triangular scales. The edible portion of the buds are the fleshy lower portions (including the base, known as the "heart"). The Green Globe artichoke is by far the most popular artichoke variety suitable for all gardeners - beginner to advanced.

      Quick Note |  The artichoke is an interesting vegetable. It's actually a species of thistle, that has flower buds which are edible before they come into bloom.  The base is edible but once the buds bloom, you wouldn't want to eat it, it becomes barely edible at that point. Artichokes are also perennial plants in many regions.

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      Artichoke - Green Globe


      Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe Artichoke - Green Globe


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