More testimonials sent to us via email:

"I got my seed order the other day, THANKS SO MUCH!!! I LOOOOOVE how you package the seeds in those tiny zip-bags (I forget what they're called) instead of those stupid pouches that they sell at the stores. I've been starting all my seeds inside and I don't always have enough egg cartons and it's a pain to keep the seeds in those things.

Anyways, thanks for the freebie too <333 Cherry tomatoes? Awesome! (Pretty generous too, there are way more seeds in that packet than the sticker says.) Keep up the awesome work! ♥
Monique S.  |  Falconer,  NY

"Hi guys, just wanted to thank you for your seeds and service.  I just got 'em in the ground and can't wait to try my own home grown food!  Thanks a bunch!  :)"
Bryan S.  |  Salem OR

"I have received my order and I am very pleased. Thank you! I actually heard of your website because it was constantly being brought up by urban gardeners in a forum. What better way to choose a company than by listening to real people that have experience with the companies one might have interest in. This is my second year gardening with the first year being a great learning experience but not much more than that because of seed's lack of quality. The reputation your company has among people I trust means this year will be a complete success. I look forward to doing all my seed purchases with your company in the future. "
Jennifer B.  |  Ormond Beach, FL 

"Keep doing what you're doing! All have germinated faster than expected. Thanks."
Kurt L.  |  Burbank, CA 

"I just want to say thank you again, your doing some amazing things by providing these seeds for thousands of people.  This is how the world is changing, putting the power back into the people's hands.  Have a great day and much love to you all."
Josh L.  Dartmouth, MA
"I am thrilled with your service and love the way things are packaged! My "babies" are starting to poke their heads up and I am excited to see the results. Thank you again for you service!"
Cheryl H.  Rodeo, NM

"The only suggestion I have is you should have more advertising because your seeds are outstanding! I just happened to find via Google after searching for non-GMO seeds. Besides you have them, your prices CANNOT be beat! Shipping is quick, and I've had an almost perfect grow rate for the seeds. Just transplanted a bunch that I started a few weeks ago to my raised garden. I look forward to harvesting healthy, and tasty vegetables, and melons courtesy of"
David B.  New Braunfels, TX

"Everything was better than expected. You have, in only one order, earned a lifetime customer. Thank you!"
Diana D.  Pasco, WA 
"I am really glad that I found you. Thank you! I have already recommended you to several friends. I have a garden and food preservation Meet-up group with about 150 members. I plan to promote your seeds to them. Are you ever going to get corn in. I am interested in grinding corn."
Heather G.  Boise, ID

"Everything arrived just fine! Thank you so much. Grreat seeds, great prices, great service, and no GMO. I couldnt be happier. Thanks again. I will be placing more orders in the future."
Jessica H.  Brookings, OR 
"Everything is going GREAT, thank you! All my seedlings are sprouting indoors - my lima beans and zucchini especially are going nuts. I will definitely be using you guys as my go-to for seed purchases in future."
Rachel S.  Centreville, VA 

"I think I have at least one sprout from every single type of seed I ordered!  I've already recommended you to friends and family. The only suggestion I can make is that I wish I could buy strawberry and sunflowers from you too."
Amy R.  Mount Vernon, IA 

"My order arrived today, it is my second purchase from your website. I will absolutely continue to order from SeedsNow, love the selection and the timely manner in which they arrive. Thanks so much!"
Kelly M.  Susquehanna, PA
"I revived my order #142---- way quicker than I expected I would. I am impressed with how fast my order got here to Canada. Everything I ordered is accounted for, and I was very excited that I got a free packet (Kale starter pack) of seeds!! Thank You! Once I plant my seeds and see what the germination rate is, I will be posting a review of SeedsNow on The Garden Watchdog Provided the germination rate is good, I plan on giving your company an excellent review and suggesting you to all my friends and family. I am so happy that you are a Non-GMO, Organic seed company (which is what I was looking for). Thank you so much for your service!"
Andrea L.  |  Ontario, Canada
"So far I have been very pleased with the seeds I purchased - I think all/most of the seeds I've planted have sprouted.The only suggestion I might offer is to include some planting instructions - I am still fairly new to gardening so I had to go to other resources for this info.  Would have been much more convenient if received seeds and instructions all together.   Other than that, can't think of any other suggestions -- keep up the good work!"
Margaret H.  Charleston, SC 

"Hi, I received my order within a few days, and am very happy with the processing and order filling procedures... great job!  Will be starting these seeds indoors, and will let you know... but I think it will go very well... I will let other know how I did, and then forward your seed ordering to them!"
Diane S.  Landing, NJ 
"The seeds arrived safely. Thank you for the extra kale sample. Hope to get some of the seeds started this weekend. Thank you for the speedy service."
Deb & Bob C.  Guthrie, OK

"Just wanted to write and tell how impressed I was when my order came! Everything I ordered was included and there was even a free sample to my surprise! The Borage germinated very quickly and 100%. Can't wait for spring to get the rest of my order in the ground.."
Kathy C.  Watauga, TX 
"We got it so quick! Thanks so much. And an extra 'thank you' for the kale seeds. I LOVE kale! You guys are great, and I am sure I'll buy more and I'll let all my friends know how great you are."
Kathy C.  Watauga, TX 
"I appreciate the excellent customer service.  Yes, everything came in just fine, including your little gift.  I'm not big on Kale, but it was very nice of you to send it."
K.C.  Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for the speedy, professional and helpful service I received when ordering from I spoke with a representative about an offer I saw when first entering the site, and he was most helpful in allowing me to obtain the code even though it was my error that I didn't save it. The shipping was lighting fast, and I was thrilled with the way the seeds look. I am new to growing heirlooms, so being able to buy only a few seeds of each type of vegetable, fruit or herb I choose is perfect for me to try out a species to see if I like the way it grows in my soil conditions and my ability, before committing to many seeds. What a great deal for me to have found this site! I am very excited to start my gardens next year, and I am even learning ways to extent my season to grow possibly year 'round.

With that being said, I was disappointed by one thing. After I placed and paid for the order, because I apparently took too long in checking out once I chose seeds, I received an email stating that I had items remaining in my cart, and would be extended a 15% discount if I checked out. What disappointed me about this email was the discount I received did not equal 15%, but had I waited another 15-30 minutes to check out I would have received that discount, and I was never told about this when on the phone with the customer service representative. Will this stop me from further purchases? I can't say at the moment, because the quality of the seeds may outweigh this annoyance. But I can say it will make continue to search for more seed sales sites to continue to cover all my bases when it comes to getting the best value for my hard earned money.
Thank you for a great product."
Danelle W.  Taylors, SC 

"Everything has arrived.  More than half of the seeds we planted have already sprouted.   I am very pleased with my purchase."
Patti G.  Metairie, LA 

"I would recommend to anyone!

I order a variety of seed sample packs.  At $0.99 each, they were the only affordable option on the internet for a gardener with a small garden like mine.  Shipping was prompt and the germination rate of the seeds was excellent.  Broccoli and onions will are hardening off as I type, and tomatoes and pepper will follow those to the garden soon!  Thank you for the great service."
Brent E.  |  Moccasin, CA
"Everything arrived as expected. This will not be the last purchase i make. We are making a list of other seeds to get for our indoor greenhouse we are adding this year. I'm am very glad there is a site to buy good seeds from and I can't wait to see the end results."
Sarah H.  Daniel, WY

"Hey, all. I got the seeds without any problem. No complaints at all - very satisfied so far. Thanks again!"
Seth W.  Bowling Green, KY
"Hi! Yes, I received your wonderful GMO -free seeds and many of them will be planted this weekend. Thanks so much for creating an affordable, organic, GMO -free outlet for obtaining heirloom seeds. I have a catering company and food truck, and use produce from my garden to supply both. I can't wait to see the fruits of your seeds and feed/sell them to my clients! Take care and I'm sure I will be ordering again soon!"
Heather F.  Martindale, TX

"I was very impressed with what I received!  I purchased the Mega Seed Bank, Herbal Medicine Bank  and many other seeds as well.  I was surprised to find all seeds labeled with not just their names but photos too! and that is awesome.

Everything was clean and neat looking, very professional.  

Thanks you for meeting and ex-seed-ing my expectations.    Pardon the pun  :D  lol"
Ryan T.  |  Sainte Martine QC CANADA 
"Hello, I've received the seeds and would like to give a better feedback but it's still winter up here and I did not try the seeds yet, but still open to free seeds! I would like to make another order soon and was wondering if an arrangement could be made concerning the shipping price if the free seeds would be shipped at the same time. So give me some news on that. By the way the service seems very good I am happy at the moment, can't wait to try them when the time is right."
Mathieu D.  |  Sainte Martine QC CANADA 

"I ordered the Mini Sunflower Garden as a fun Christmas gift for my daughter who loves sunflowers. Since she is in college, I thought it would be a fun item for her to take to school and watch it grow. She loved it and is looking forward to watching it grow and brighten her apartment. I also ordered the Culinary Herbs for myself.

I am really looking forward to using the herbs. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the packages arrived since I ordered just before Christmas. I am planning my garden for the year and will be looking for the non GMO seeds.

So happy to see such a great selection."
Elaine F.  |  Sacramento, CA 
"Everything is great, except it's not time to plant them yet!  They arrived 5 days after I ordered them, and I was very impressed with that, bragged about it on Facebook!  Thanks very much for your great service, we'll be repeat customers, I'm sure!"
Melissa Z.  La Canada Flintridge, CA 

Thank YOU for checking!  I'm delighted with the way the seeds were packaged and I'm especially delighted with the e-mail you sent to check.  That is the nicest one I've ever received from a business and I won't forget it.
My husband planted the tomato seeds (in his greenhouse) yesterday.  We're excited to see how they do.  I'll let you know.  If y'all care enough to send that note, I have no doubt we'll have a successful crop!
Thanks so much!
Love y'all back!"
Lindsay C.  Kempner, TX 
"We got the seeds basil is in there pots. Still early for the peppers and tomatoes. But every thing seemed fine. Will be placing an order for more seeds a bit closer to spring. Thank You!!"
James L.  Greene, NY  
"I just received my SeedNow purchase on Saturday.  I had never purchased from your business before.  I am very happy with the rapid delivery that I received.  And the smaller ziplock packages that the seeds with a smaller quantity come in make storing my seeds much easier than the larger and bulkier packaging that I have received from other suppliers.
I will place another order soon.
Thanks for your help!"
Anne R.  Italy TX 

"Getting seeds from SeedsNow was a great experience. The site was easy to use, and the seeds shipped quickly. Packaging was great, not too much waste! I am excited to use these seeds to grow food that is beneficial for my family!"
Dustin S.  Coatesville, PA 

"I recently just made a substantial order from Seeds Now and I couldn't be any happier. Shipping was quick and everything was as expected. The tea growing herb kits are growing excellent (my sister and girlfriend both love them!).

I am just beginning the carrots, kale and herbs and they have already begun sprouting. I also purchased the Mega Seed Bank which is a great kit to have and loaded with seeds. I am looking forward to eating healthy nutritional food - the way our food is meant to be!"
Dustin S.  |  London, ON Canada 

 I'm so excited to have received my seeds! Living in the Canadian prairies its still very cold out so they're not in the ground yet.  I've been gardening and preserving foods all my life but have never cultivated seeds from my plants. I look forward to the experience and to the tasty rewards! I might even grow my teas inside the house when I finish the ones I have in the cupboard.

I was really impressed with the quality of the sealed packets and the quick delivery.

Thank you!"
Anita S.  La Broquerie, Canada 
"To the staff of Seeds Now

The seeds which I ordered were delivered in a timely manner.  The bags were air tight and neatly labeled.  You have another return costumer, because of the quality of seeds that you sell, of the website which is easy to navigate and the neatly delivered items

Thank You ! :D"
Nick C.  Grand Rapids, MI

"Thanks everyone; it's been a pleasure doing business with you. Almost all of the veggies I ordered from you and planted last week have already germinated! I'm so excited. :)

I wish every company followed your business model!

With thanks and love,
Cris T.  Los Angeles, CA 

"Thank you so much, you guys are terrific, I'm telling everyone and posting on Facebook about what a wonderful company you are!! Again, thanks and have a great day!!"
Jay T.  Shelbyville, MO 


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase and the speedy shipping department at
I appreciate the upgraded seed packet, the coupons for my next order, and the samples that were included.

I have shared this website with some family members and a few friends who were also looking for organic seeds, and I am sure they will be pleased with their purchases as well.

Thank you for caring about your customers and the wonderful work that you do."
Sally M.  Athens, AL  
"Loved ordering from! Website was awesome and shipping super quick. Quality of seeds was superb also. Had great success with spinach and leaf lettuce. Definitely will order from again."
Larry H.  Parma, OH 

"Just wanted to say thank you for shipping my seeds to me so fast! They arrived sooner than I had expected, allowing me to get a jump start at my basement winter garden! I love that you have available, and easy to order NON-GMO seeds that come in clear little baggies with valuable information printed on the outside of each. This makes planting so much easier! Again, Thanks so much for what you are doing- I will definitely be a return customer!"
Amanda K.  Alma, MI  

"To whom it may concern,

My wife and I are so impressed with your products, quality, service and prices!  It is not easy finding such a good selection of non Monsanto (I mean non-GMO) seeds. 

The seed banks are awesome, we began a rotation this year.  Each year we will plant the seeds from the prior year and store the new ones. 

We believe in being prepared for a food crisis and your products are excellent for this."
Ron C.  Alpine, UT 

"I have had the most pleasurable experience with your company from start to finish. You've got a new dedicated customer!"
Helen J.  Gainesville, FL 
"This is the second time I have ordered from your site and I will be back when corn seeds are in.  I love your site.

The prices are very reasonable and the fact that my seeds are Non-GMO is very important to me.

I head up a group of organic farmers and we will be meeting next week on Monday. I will be sharing your information with them. I get lots of seed catalogs, but I am canceling them.

SeedsNow is where my seeds will be coming from.  I have been very pleased with both orders I have received. They came quickly and well  packaged."
Amy M.  Eden, NC 
"I just want to express my satisfaction with Seeds Now and their excellent service. I just placed my first order with you guys earlier this week, and I already have my seeds! I was upgraded on one of my seed orders just because and was very excited to find a bonus gift of kale (which I was planning on incorporating in my next order).

I love that I am making decisions that are better for me and have influence on those around me with your non-GMO, organic seeds. I am looking forward to further purchases and spring!

Thanks again!"
Jacqueline  W.  Thibodaux, LA 

"This was the first time i ordered from Seeds I heard about from my neighbor, a few months later I put in a order and i received them in less than a week, they were nicely packaged in a reusable airtight bags with the instructions on the back.

What I like the most about Seeds is "they are non GMO seeds" this should motivate everyone to get out there and plant a seed!"
Michael  D.  Fayetteville NC 

"I received my order from and I am so pleased! The shipping was fast and the seeds arrived in great shape, ready for my spring garden. I highly recommend to my family & friends - is THE place for Non-GMO seeds. Thank you!"
Laura S.  Bonneau, SC 
"Everything has been great! Very few companies do it right on all levels. Here is my feedback for sharing:
Started my first organic square foot garden and had to choose between a number of companies online to purchase seeds from. I chose SeedsNow for the large NON-GMO selection, easy to browse website, sample size packs, and great price.

Received my order in a respectable time and was very impressed with their presentation and shipping. Out of the blue they upgraded one of my items to a larger quantity. They also threw in a free pack of tomato seeds with a seed pellet that I never seen before. This led me to do more research and find out how beneficial these are to seed starting.

Thanks Seedsnow! Your my one and only!"
Matt D.  Stuart, FL 

"This is my 2nd order from SeedsNow. I really like ordering by the pack so I can get exactly what I want. The prices, the shipping, & service are great. I'll be buying all of my seeds from SeedsNow for years to come. Thanks!"
Kevin G.  Edwardsburg, MI 
"SeedsNow has provided me with a great selection of Non-GMO seeds & fast service.  My veggies & herbs are doing fantastic!  Thanks SeedsNow!"
Jessica L.  Columbia, SC
"I tried to send a testimonial about my ordering experience with your company and it wouldn't go through. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your service. Looking forward to planting a fantastic garden in the Spring. I will definitely be ordering more."
Cynthia D.  Marion PA

"I would just want to say thank you everything from the packaging to the product itself was great! Fast growing  non-gmo seeds are wonderful and I suggest people buy this product. These seed can also be great for bartering in hard times. Thank you SeedNow!"
David C.

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All-in-One Tomato Garden Variety Pack
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The SECRET to getting more tomatoes on every plant

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