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1/4" Deep 8-12" Apart 8-14 Days 70° F Spring Full Sun Well drained Broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers and cauliflower 90


How to Grow & Harvest Oregano

Oregano is a sun loving, heat loving plant that does well in areas prone to drought.  It is a wonderful companion plant for beans, basil and broccoli. Try growing oregano indoors during the winter months for a fresh, steady supply of this fragrant herb.  


When to Plant
Oregano plants can safely be set out into the garden once the risk of frost has passed.


How to Plant

Plants can be started from seeds, divisions or cuttings. Oregano seeds require light to germinate, so just loosen the soil and place seeds directly on top and mist gently when watering.  There's no need to cover the seeds with soil when planting.  Grow oregano indoors and transplant when temperatures remain above 45 degrees F. Oregano plants should be cut back to the ground and covered with a layer of mulch for over wintering outdoors.  You can also grow them inside if you wish to be able to harvest oregano year round.


When to Harvest

Harvest oregano anytime after they have reached 4-6 inches tall. Harvest oregano leaves in the morning hours as soon as the dew has dried for best flavor.  Once harvested, use fresh or store leaves whole, placed in freezer bags and frozen. They can also be dried in a dark, well-ventilated area and stored in airtight containers until ready to use. 

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