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1/4" Deep 4-6" Apart 7-14 Days Between 60° F and 70° F Spring Full Sun Well drained, and well fertilized Carrots Snip greens as needed or harvest entire plant to use all at once. 


How to Grow & Harvest Chive


Sow your chive seeds directly into the soil as soon as it is workable and at least 60 degrees F.

Chives are grown best in cooler weather, are cold hardy and usually are planted early in the spring.  Chives can quickly take over your garden if you allow the plant to go to seed. Chives are also very easily transplanted in case you wanted to dig up the plants and move them to another area.

Choose an area that is well drained, and add several inches of compost or organic matter around the plants to help fertilize the soil and to help cut down on weeds. 














How to Plant

Remember to water consistently throughout the season and use plenty of mulch.  When the flowers bloom, make sure to remove them so that the seeds aren't spread throughout your garden. The flowers are edible.   Chives will thrive if they are divided regularly.  Let the newly divided plants grow for several weeks before you harvest from them.  

When to Harvest

If you're harvesting them from seedlings, they will be ready after about 60 days.  When harvesting them, cut the greens down to the base, within 1-2 inches from the soil line.    Harvest as needed, 3 or 4 times during the first year, and after that you can cut them back monthly.  Enjoy the edible flowers that arrive usually in May or June.  Use chives fresh or frozen, as dried chives can lose their flavor. 

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