Wildflowers - Cosmos Flower Scatter Garden Seed Mix

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Includes a mix of 7 popular cosmos flower varieties. Scatter this mix in your garden and enjoy a beautiful assortment of cosmos flowers!

Wildflower establishment requires some important steps:

- Site selection/preparation: It's important to address competition from weeds: pull, till, or use organic herbicides. If planting in the spring/summer you can wait for weeds to germinate, control and then plant the wildflower seeds.

- Seeding:  You will want to have good seed to soil contact, broadcasting by hand is a good approach on small plot, may want to mix with an inert carrier, sand or other. Raking in and covering with soil 2-3 times seed thickness.

- Watering: During establishment for the first month, can be from rain in spring or supplement with irrigation.

- Timing: The best time to plant is in spring to early summer and even again in late fall.

This mix includes all of the following seed varieties:



Cosmos bippinatus

Cosmos, Sensation Mix

Cosmos bippinatus


Cosmos bippinatus


Cosmos bippinatus


Cosmos bippinatus


Cosmos bippinatus


Cosmos sulphureus

Sulphur Cosmos

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