Culinary Herb Garden Seed Bank

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Grow Your Own Organic Culinary Herbs with NON-GMO seeds.

The Culinary Herb Seed Bank includes everything you need to start growing your own organic herbs for cooking in the kitchen.
It includes 12 of our most popular culinary seed varieties and everything you need to start growing them.

What's Included:

  • 12 gourmet culinary herb varieties (scroll down to view all the varieties that are included in this seed bank)

  • Seed starting pellets (the easiest way to start your seeds)

  • Seeds are all individually packaged and labeled in resealable bags and then secured in a Mylar bag (provides two layers of protection from moisture and light)

The Culinary Herb Seed Bank comes with all of the following 12 individually packed seed varieties:


  1. Basil - Genovese (large pack 1,000 seeds)     

This classic Basil variety is a sweet basil prized for its spicy flavor and wonderful aroma. These fragrant plants grow 18-24". This is the variety of choice for pesto.
  2. Chives (large pack appx. 1,000 seeds)

Narrow, grass-like leaves have mild onion-like flavor.
3. Cilantro (Coriander) - Slow Bolt (large pack appx. 490 seeds)

This slow-bolting strain is grown primarily for its broad, deep green, celery-like, pungent foliage. Used in Oriental and Mexican cuisine. Use seed to flavor meats, pickles and baked goods.
  4. Cumin (appx. 1,000 seeds)

The Cumin seeds have widely been used to flavor rice, breads, beans, meats, and other dishes. Often used to flavor Curry Powder.
5. Dill - Bouquet  (large pack appx. 450 seeds)

Annual. 3 ft. plant with strongly aromatic foliage, stems, and heads. Excellent for pickling.
6. Lemon Mint (large pack appx. 230 seeds)

Lemon scented leaves that can be used as a replacement for lemon in any dish or tea.  Put mint leaves in the body of a chicken before cooking - adds excellent flavor and aroma. Excellent for poultry, lamb & pork stuffing.  Makes a great marinade for fish too! Great for vinaigrette dressings. Lemon mint can be used many different ways in any culinary creations.
7. Oregano - Italian (large pack appx. 1,000 seeds)

Hardy 2 ½ inch plant with pungent, oval leaves and purplish pink flowers. Use fresh or dried in sauces and soups.
  8. Parsley (large pack appx. 550 seeds)

Finely cut dark green parsley. Use this parsley for garnishing, and culinary decoration. Good heat tolerance.
  9. Rosemary (Appx. 100 seeds)

Excellent flavor - extremely fragrant. Perfect to use fresh or dried. Can be used to flavor many culinary varieties such as meats, soups, and sauces. Can be used for treating headaches and known to improve circulation. Perfect for containers.
10. Summer Savory (appx. 1,000 seeds)

The Summer Savory plant grows tasty peppery flavored leaves. This is the herb to use if you want to flavor beans, cabbage, peas, and many other dishes.
11. Tarragon (appx. 1,000 seeds)

Tarragon, aka Dragon Wort, is a popular herb widely recognized for its strong aroma and many culinary uses. A native herb of Europe. Used to compliment to many classic continental – mostly French – dishes.
12. Basil - Italian Large Leaf
 (appx. 1000 seeds)

The Italian Large Leaf Basil plant will produce medium to large leaves that can measure up to 4" long! It is of heriloom variety and is extremely fragrant and used widely in the culinary industry.  If you're a lover of basil, this would be a good variety to plant in your garden.  

What is a Seed Bank?

The answer is simple: a seed bank is your very own supply of open-pollinated, non-hybridized, NON-GMO seeds to be kept on hand in the case of an emergency or the unavailability of seeds.

There are many reasons to invest in a seed bank. Whether the market has changed or famine and war have changed the way we get access to seeds, these banks represent a secure way to begin planting quality foods.

All our seeds offer you the chance to replant the seeds after a successful harvest, making your investment in food one of the best values you will find. All of our seeds will produce organic produce when properly cared for.

While we remain optimistic about the future, we feel it is best to control your own food supply and live a healthier lifestyle with the best non-hybrid, non GMO seeds available today!

Culinary Herb Garden Seed Bank


Culinary Herb Garden Seed Bank Culinary Herb Garden Seed Bank Culinary Herb Garden Seed Bank


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